2018 Inspired Year Planner

The 2018 Inspired Year Planners are almost here! I’m so excited to launch the new version of the planner this year!

The Inspired Year Planner is more than just a planning tool. It’s a reflection of the intentional, creative, playful, thought-provoking life that I wish for all of us to lead.

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We women are redefining who we are in every corner of the world.

We are at once strong and capable leaders, but also soft and warm nurturers.

Showing up in all the aspects of life we endeavor to, and with ease – requires a constant switching between roles. It’s a constant yin and yang.

Our lives require a sophisticated mastery of balance.

Without balance, our foundation of energy can slip out from underneath us. We aren’t fully satisfied with a huge win in our jobs if it cost us missing out repeatedly on a child’s special moments. We feel stripped from our purpose if we spend too many days solely in the domestic realm.

Balance is at once the foundation of our happiness and the most challenging part of our lives to master.

The masculine world tells us that we need to hold back our feelings and step up to the plate.

But the feminine knows better. We know that our feelings are exactly what allow our most generous and creative souls to thrive.

And thrive we will…

My goal is to make beautiful creative works that are both inspiring and allow your creative energy to shine.

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