7 steps for more joyful work+life balance: Be intentional with time

Your time is your most valuable asset. While money comes and goes, time is the one thing we can never get more of. Be intentional with your time – at work and at home – and you will notice how much more you can get out of each day.

When hundreds of mothers were asked on babycenter.com what one thing they wished they had more time for was, the number one answer by a landslide was, “more quality time with my children.”

And if that sounds like something you want too, I’m right with you. We all are constantly being reminded of how “they grow up too fast” and that these years are precious.

If quality time with your kids is a priority for you, make sure that you don’t confuse quality with quantity. It’s easy to confuse the two, when you are a busy mom. Running errands, cleaning the house and making dinner while watching the kids is rarely quality time. Being intentional with how we spend our time for ourselves and with our kids is key.


Get in the habit of mapping out not just a to-do list but how much time you want to spend on each activity. Rather than simply crossing out what you’ve completed, you will notice a strong sense of purpose by aligning your time with your priorities.

A quick trick to considering the value of your time is to take your hourly rate and divide it in half. When making a decision to drive across town, return items at a store, or go out of the way for a sale, consider the actual cost – of your time – that it is taking to do that errand. Women who work as freelancers inherently know the value of their time and tend to be more choosy about how they spend it for this reason. But even if you aren’t freelancing, you can start to think about what you could be doing with your time that would be of more value to you than how you are using it.


Your incentive to using your time more wisely is based in considering the opportunity cost of what you aren’t doing. If you want more quality time with your kids, to build a business for yourself, or to create a better work/life balance that equates to feeling less busy and more at ease, start valuing your time more.

You may even choose to outsource some of your home or work tasks that just aren’t worth you doing them yourself, in trade for more of your own time to live into your big dreams.

“Show me your calendar and I’ll show you your priorities.” – Unknown

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