Hi, I'm Kathy

I’m a business consultant, work/life balance strategist, entrepreneur, designer, mother of 3 and happiness enthusiast. I live in the beautiful town of Sonoma, California, with my husband and three kids, ages 4, 6 & 9.

I help busy, purpose-driven women build their dream business and simplify their lives so they can balance work with motherhood, make their unique contribution to the world, and still have time to cherish the family moments that matter most.

Working moms - we do it all. We keep up the house, cook and clean. We are devoted mothers, caretakers, and teachers to our children. We often work part-time or full-time jobs, plan social gatherings and parties, and even take on volunteer work. We are the center of our household. If mom is happy, the family is happy, and vice versa. That is why our own interests, relationships and passions are just as important as our roles, and why honoring our own desires should be at the top of our priorities.

But at times, we struggle with the demands of motherhood. We get caught up in details and busy work, trying to be everything to everybody, and we lose sight of the big picture - what we really want out of our lives.

We lose energy and we lose inspiration.

There was a time that I, too, felt I didn't have enough time in the day for myself. But I learned that until you start creating intention to do otherwise, little things will keep filling up your schedule. That focusing on what you really want to do, and how to do it, can open up your heart and mind to ways to achieve your vision of a life you truly love.

The more mindful I’ve been of the life I want to live, the better I’ve been at putting my dreams, passions and priorities first. While continuing to run my business making six-figures annually, I’ve created time and space for things I love such as journaling, reading, and painting. I’ve traveled with my husband and three children on two month-long sabbaticals to Costa Rica. And I no longer allow my role as mother to be the first thing I attend to each day, I finally have time to do the things I love. This allows to pursue my own sense of purpose, and meanwhile share those passions with my family and spend quality time with my children doing not only what makes them happy, but doing the things I love as well.

My goal is to help as many women as possible find their inner brilliance and live a life they love. Start here.

‎"Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

~Howard Thurman

I believe...

in simplifying motherhood
  • that we can all create our own path without giving into the materialism and "need for more" that is so pervasive in our popular culture

  • that we can do a much better job as mothers if we focus on quality over quantity when it comes to the time we spend with our children

  • that when we focus on our own passions and pursuits, we are best able to inspire the same sense of purpose and action in our own children.
in creating our own path
  • that entrepreneurship is one of the best ways for women to have the flexibility they desire when raising children

  • that we don’t have to sacrifice having a loving and fulfilling relationship with our children and husbands in order to be devoted to our career

  • that each of us, as mothers, career women, and creative beings in this world, can create our own perfect work/life balance with enough devotion to our own sense of purpose and priorities
in cherishing each day
  • that there are opportunities to be great, to do great, and inspire greatness, all around us

  • to truly thrive and fill our souls with love, we must not miss out on the most important thing of all – the ability to cherish the moments, cherish each other, and cherish this life we are so fortunate to live

  • that if we slow down and feel grateful for the things we will remember when we reflect back on our life, that we can live our life daily full of gratitude and love for all that we cherish – and this will truly make us better, happier beings

My Story

Making the decision to start my own business was one of the best I could make for the ultimate flexibility in pursuing my passions while raising a family. Working for myself has also provided a balance between the opportunity for success in my career, flexibility as a mother and the ability to create a life full of adventure.

And adventure we've had! My husband and I have taken our son to Sweden and spent two summers with our kids in Costa Rica.

We've made the decision to put our desire for a lifestyle connected to the outdoors, open space, and small town values at the forefront of how we lived, and moved our family to the small, laid back town of Sonoma a few years ago.

I understand about the demands of motherhood. Sometimes everyone needs us at once, and for me, that meant that when my three kids were age 5 and under, I was also serving as a PTO president for my son’s school and keeping up my business full-time.

Believe me, I could I tell you stories... I’ve launched huge websites for tech corporations and turned around and nursed my babies to sleep through the night.

All of this has taught me few things about maintaining balance in my life.

First, as a mother, it has been absolutely crucial to know how to disengage from my “projects” and be present, mindful, and find joy in my every day. Why? Because even though I’ve loved both my roles as a business owner and mother, there have been times I found myself resenting the ever-present piles of housework, and forgetting how to cherish the precious time with my children on a daily basis.


Second, I have learned that achieving balance and happiness are just a first step along a much deeper journey for purpose. We all want to make our unique contribution to the world. We are fortunate, as mothers, because raising our children, alone, is an amazing contribution that lasts beyond ourselves. But deep inside, we know we have more to give to make the world a better place, and the fulfillment of that purpose is immensely powerful.

Work/life balance has become a project in and of itself. In order to take on all the things that matter to me, I’ve found ways to use my strong organizational and systemization skills to streamline my house & childcare work so that more of my time with my family was quality time.

I’ve learned a lot about how to put my needs first, because a happy mom makes for a happy family.

And, like all of us, I am on my own journey to pursue my sense of purpose. During my time as a PTO president, I realized how much energy I had when I was doing something that held great meaning to me.

And for me, I find meaning helping other moms achieve more flexibility, success and happiness, so that together we can live more purposeful, creative and cherished lives.

"Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do."

~ Orison Swett Marden