Aftermath of a busy family week

It is near the end of the school year, and we’ve survived.

We’ve survived hours on end of school work, while my 5th grader worked through his state report.

We’ve survived my middle child, preparing for 4 different performances don multiple times in one month.

We’ve survived two of my children, going down with the flu, me missing work and someone staying home, laying on the couch for a week in the midst of a busy school week.

We’ve survived shuffling the kids for a second monday in a row, so that I could do a special presentation last night.

We’ve made it to the gymnastics show, hosted an overnight birthday party, gotten 2 children to other birthday parties, the soccer practice. We skipped a few too. Something had to give.

We’ve watched my youngest child excel in her first year of kindergarten.

We’re realizing we are in transition, from a family with preschoolers to a family with a middle schooler.

All around our house, is proof of our survival…

Piles of resources from the kid’s work, everyone too hurried to put it away.

Piles from the last week’s activities – soccer jerseys, swimsuits and towels, paperwork galore.

Even some piles of not yet put-away groceries, clean dishes, bags from shopping.

The aftermath of a busy week in a family of five is quite a mess, sometimes. And, if it’s life as usual, that often means that some of the piles stick around, for sometimes weeks… because life keeps going on and the piles can wait.

After all, just because we’ve survived, doesn’t mean we have to hunker down and put everything away. yet. Instead, we’re gearing up for a weekend away – camping in the mountains, by the lake, with friends.

Our aftermath of our survival will be here when we return.