Blogging is for you and me

At first, my blog was just about me. 10 years ago, in fact, it was just about me and the newborn baby I would soon have, and nurture. Who would change my life and begin a new chapter that woudl change me forever.

10 years ago, and every year, and every month – when I could – I blogged about becoming a mom and pregnancy, and raising babies, then toddlers, then parenting, and life running my family.

And when I finally came up for air, I was ready to expand my blog.

And it became a place where I not only wrote about me, but about my passions.

I discovered I cared quite a bit about this parenting thing. I am, what my friends call, very conscientious, abotu parenting.

I care a great deal. About how we inspire our children. What we show them. What we teach them. That they are not simply consumers of the media, the commercialism, the busy-pretense of our culture that doesn’t often slow down enough to reflect on the pure sweetness of life. The artistry in every leaf that falls from a tree. The warmth in every hug, every smile, every human encounter we so joyfully witness or take part in. The beauty of waking up each morning to usher in the excitement of another day of life and all that we create with it.

I care not just about how I raise my own children, but how we – as mothers, as a society – raise our children. How they will become the independent thinkers and hopefully more and more can call themselves the global citizens that we need for a more peaceful, loving, giving future.

In their faces I see tomorrow. And in my actions, and my voice, I feel a desire to share how we can all do our best to change the world, in what we do today.

I used to write about my life.

And in recognizing these passions, I began to write about all of our lives.

But in doing so, I began to write about you so much, I stopped writing so much about me. I figured that’s what you wanted. But, I have missed that so much. I have missed writing about my life and my kids, because I’ve realized that writing about my life is how I take stock of all the experiences and love and excitement. It is how I reflect.

And I’ve missed that, terribly. To reflect on all these amazing gifts in my life, regularly.

They are precious, these moments. Watching these kids of mine grow and change and try and succeed and fail.

My little 7-year old, intent on creating and planning her birthday party.

My focused 10-year old, speaking of algorithms as he learns to solve his Rubik’s cube over and over, huddled over a book.

My sweet 6-year old, delighting in a new outfit to wear to school, proudly showing her mom how well she can read and play the piano after just a few short weeks of lessons.

Moments, they come and go. How much we let our thoughts be saturated by them. How much we let them soak in. Is up to us.

These moments won’t be missed, not in my mind nor in my blog. They are part of the story of how we be the people we want our children to be. We are not just doers. Not just parents. Not just housekeepers or drivers or wives or workers or entrepreneurs. We are constantly. Ever constantly. Striving for balance. And balance must show up on my blog just as well as in my life. For you. For me. For our future thought leaders to see that a truly heartfelt life is giving ourselves in all areas that we care about.