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2016 Goal worksheets – free printable

Two years ago I was given my first taste of goal setting for the year,…

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You don’t want to miss this

I’m not talking about an amazing sale, or tickets to an event. What I don’t…

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Gratitude in one moment each day #30dayscherished

Be grateful for the simple moments. Share a picture a day to express your gratitude…

My morning routine – fitting in daily inspiration with kids

One of my most simple pleasures when I’m on vacation is my morning routine. I…

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How did I know it was time for something new?

Why I started This Cherished Life It was nearly two years ago when I realized…

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Having all the time in the world

For several years, my husband and I enjoyed owning a cabin in the woods, just…

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Goodbye amazing beach town, for now

  We’ve traded in our bathing suits and beachwear for long sleeves and hiking pants….

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Moments that last forever

Everyone once in a while, there is a moment that feels so transcendental, so beautiful…

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Random Acts of Kindness

I finally accepted a kind gesture from a stranger for a ride today. Here in…

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Our little surfers

Yesterday was the kids first day at summer camp here in Costa Rica. They returned…