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The inspiration behind the Inspired Year Planner

A few years ago, goal-setting helped changed the course of my life. I had never…

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Five ways to stick to (and love!) your spring goals

Our goals are meant to reflect where we are in our lives currently and help…

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Create. Plan. Focus. A 3-step approach to living your purpose in 2018

1. Create. 2. Plan. 3. Focus. Start your day with purpose A 3-step approach to living your…

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Wrapping up 2017 goals to start the new year with positivity

As the year winds down, we often miss out on the opportunity to give ourselves…

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How to Set & Achieve Big Goals

9 Goal-setting tips + goal worksheets: How to set and achieve big goals

Create time in your schedule to focus on your goals Go to a coffee shop…

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2018 Inspired Year Planner Blog Tour: England, Australia, Canada & more

  The 2018 Inspired Year Planner is now available! To celebrate, creatives across the globe are…

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2018 Inspired Year Planner Blog Tour Begins!

The Inspired Year Planner is on tour!  This week’s visits included Denver, Illinois, Florida, and Guatemala! The 2018 Inspired…

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2018 Inspired Year Planner

The 2018 Inspired Year Planners are almost here! I’m so excited to launch the new version…

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How to put the fun in goal-setting

Is this true for you? Every once in a when you think about “goal-setting,” a…

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Goal-setting: choosing goals with purpose

As the holidays approach and the year winds down, it is a good time to…