Cherishing Creative Time

Today is my favorite of days. It is rainy, cloudy, and slow. It is open, full of time for myself. I have many hours to do creative work, and I intend to use it in a way that feeds my soul.

I’ve been dreaming, thinking in between the busy moments, of what I truly want to make. Yes, I want to MAKE something. I have been toying with where my energy lies to help people, and being a coach, providing many services, being of value – in ways that have been quite successful – in helping others. But, there’s this nagging, pulling feeling, of what I really want to do. Perhaps several, because my ideas never stop flowing.

And what I know, right now, is that I want to make an actual thing. The creative energy to make something is what I’m all about.

And today is such a perfect day, to work on it.

I also vow to get some of my thoughts down in writing – I have so many. And I start, and I get along, then I move on. And I have all these open-ended works, just waiting to be rediscovered and massaged.

Here’s to a creative, fulfilling day of ideas and flow.