How to put the fun in goal-setting

Is this true for you? Every once in a when you think about “goal-setting,” a little part of you feels like you’re being dragged to the dentist.

“Do I have to go?” the little playful spirit inside you may feel like saying.

And if you treat goal-setting like a chore, it can feel like one… so don’t let it!

Yes, goal-setting can be fun!

Every time I get a group of creative women together to do a goal -setting session… it is  but powerful, exciting, supportive, and… you better believe it…. fun!

Believe it or not, my own commitment launch my Kickstarter campaign came directly from a goal-setting session I did back in September with my mastermind group.

And I wasn’t the only one in our group who left full of new plans and enthusiasm.

Everyone in the goal-setting session (including Brenda, below) came away with new momentum, accountability and excitement about what they were planning to create!

“When I open the Inspired Year Planner in the morning, instead of seeing a lot of visual nonsense, every time I open it, I feel like there’s room for me to be me.”

– Brenda Peregrine, editor and writing coach of Forest North Books

Committing to a new project, whether it be a new exercise routine, a healthy change in eating habits, an entrepreneurial project, or any new routine – is incredibly exciting!!

When we commit to new habits and new routines, and see ourselves positively moving towards our goals, it can feel like we’ve started on a new, exciting journey that was always meant to be, and we will never look back.

And that’s the kind of momentum and positivity I’m talking about when I say that goal-setting (and goal-achieving!) is fun!

Being all-in towards something we are excited about gives us boundless energy and hope. 

And with this community of creative women behind you, after this fun goal-setting session you’ll have the support of dozens working on goals alongside you.

We’ll be cheering each other on, and together, creating momentum towards our goals!

Let me help you see how positive and affirming goal-setting can be!

Get the Inspired Year Planner and have fun and create momentum towards your goals in 2017.