How to Set & Achieve Big Goals

9 Goal-setting tips + goal worksheets: How to set and achieve big goals

Create time in your schedule to focus on your goals
Go to a coffee shop or find a space by yourself on a weekend morning or weekday evening, so you can’t be interrupted. If you can find an hour to help a friend or family member, you can find an hour for yourself.


Create goals with meaning
When we set goals without looking at our whole self, we create unrealistic expectations by singularly focusing on one area, subverting our happiness in others. Goal-setting with balance allows us to focus on where we truly feel the need for improvements. Our goals are attainable and enjoyable to pursue because our heart is in it.


Stay focused on your goals
You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Don’t set your goals and lose them in the bottom drawer or put them on a backburner.


Break down your goals into smaller pieces
Take your long-term goals and break them down into monthly & weekly plans, then put them on your daily schedule – this allows you to prioritize them in the midst of your existing commitments on a daily basis.


Create measurable goals
Consider what the definition of success is for your new goal, and keep track of whether you met that criteria daily.


Share your dreams with your loved ones
If you’ve been quiet about your goals – afraid you won’t get support or be taken seriously, start with the people close to you. Let them in. Share a little. And watch the outpouring of support and love lift you up and allow your light to shine.


Master habits
As much as we all want to see massive change instantly, you are much more likely to succeed at a new habit if you solely focus on that change and no others until you’ve got it down. Daily rituals are much easier to stick to, because they help us understand that the new change needs to happen no matter what. It’s much easier to let a new habit slide if you have some days you can be “off,” because you tend to give yourself extra days off once you break the cycle.


Re-assess plans over time
We all make mistakes and likely along the way you will too. But the key to succeeding with your goals is not letting your setbacks derail you. Simply get back on track. When obstacles get in the way or slow you down, adjust your expectations as needed.


Be invested

Have you ever taken a class, or joined a gym, because you knew it would help you stick to a new habit? Committing to a plan helps us carry through with our intentions, when the going gets tough. It’s much harder to back out of something when we’ve taken the time to write down and commit to our goals, or invested in plans. The Inspired Year Planner allows you to start your 2018 by evaluating what you really want from your year, then writing down exactly how you will achieve your goals, and then helps you revisit your plans towards those goals all year long.

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