How to narrowly define your niche (and why)

The more specific you can get about who your ideal client is, the better you can create your brand, marketing and messaging that connects with them, and the better you can define how you serve them. Defining your target
audience and ideal client does not preclude you from working with people who don’t fit the perfect target, it simply helps create the most connection with the people you are aware of whom you can best serve based on your
expertise and services.

In fact, many online entrepreneurs find it more valuable to define WHO they will serve and the problem they want to help with, before defining HOW they will solve that problem.

This is because we are usually more passionate about the people we want to help, and the problem we want to solve, than the exact method we may propose to solve it. If you become ultra clear on the former, it’s easier to experiment and be unattached to an exact package or service, while staying consistently devoted to your chosen focus and niche. Moving between products and services within a niche as you experiment and grow does not usually require major reinvestment, and it’s best not to over-invest in one solution prior to testing the market viability.


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Where they live or work
  • Married or single (if relevant)
  • Ethnicity (if relevant)
  • Business type (if relevant)
  • Size of company
  • • What kind of business do they own/represent
  • Other information


  • Personality
  • Attitudes
  • Values
  • Interests/hobbies
  • Lifestyle

A good trick to discover the above is to describe your ideal client as if you are writing a personal ad, in paragraph form. What does he/she like to do, what are their goals & dreams, what do they read, where do they like to go, and what do they do in their free time?

Example: Seeking overwhelmed women who feel like they have no time in the day for themselves, to enjoy their children, or foster the energy needed for a truly happy life each day. They feel stifled and “on hold” with living the life they desire. But they are motivated to change their life for the better — to make sacrifices today to live a life they love, cherish the todays, and have the time, energy and excitement to pursue their own sense of purpose.

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