Seek these moments

The other day, I was on my regular jog route. My eyes were open. The sun was shining. The beat of Michael Franti’s soulful music running through me.

Up ahead, an older man, in his wheelchair, being pushed by a nurse. I say hello. I am thankful I have such a long life ahead. I honor his time, his wisdom, the life he has seen.

I cross the corner, and young men are parking their cars next to the apartment building. Washing them, cleaning them, getting ready for an evening out perhaps.

I turn yet another street, and a woman is pushing her young baby in a stroller. She is in the middle of being tried, as a young parent. Late nights, hands full. This is her life right now.

And here I am, my kids are growing up, but not grown. My parents are healthy and alive. My husband is home, often, to be part of the family. I have a thriving business. I see such an expanse of human life all around me and I’m right in the middle of it all.

These moments – this little girl. Smiling. Dancing. It makes me so happy I want to cry. Or maybe, it makes me sad, because that was yesterday. Today she is already another day older.