How to fit in “me-time” this holiday season

“Self-care is not selfish; it’s a necessary part of our lives.”
– Lisa, The Daughter Diaries

Lisa, co-founder of The Daughter Diaries and mother to two young daughters, has always found a way to “do it all.” Being an entrepreneur and raising two young daughters keeps her very busy, but she also knows the importance of self-care. “I’m not really a facemask and bath-soak kinda gal,” she says. Instead, she finds her self-care routine through daily planning and reflection:
“When I became a mother, I didn’t realize all that would be asked of me ALL THE TIME. And I now understand how important self-care is to my health and my identity.”
Lisa suggests taking 15 minutes each day for reflection and planning. She uses the Inspired Year Planner, because it provides time for her to focus on herself, organize thoughts and visualize the day.
“I take that time for me to reflect and plan ahead. I am able to come back into my life refreshed and energized. I am able to be a better mother, a better business owner, a better wife and friend. I’m proactive and energetic versus passive and exhausted.”
Balance charts + self-care = goals from the heart

Why are self-care & balance so important? You may ask. It is imperative that your goals are not just simply coming from the busy, ego-driven side of your brain. The part that always wants to accomplish more. I get this desire; I have it too. But when we only create goals from this side of our brain, we leave out the most important part: the heart.

The heart is what will pull us out of bed to pursue a passion project; the heart is what will find us baking cupcakes at 10pm to make sure our child has them for tomorrow’s party.

If our goals aren’t aligned with the heart, we aren’t fulfilled.

The work-life balance chart allows you to review how fulfilled you feel in all areas of your life.

Unlike other goal-setting systems, this chart helps you tune in to what might be making you feel off-balance. It won’t let you ignore self-care.

Every three months, and only once you’ve truly reflected on how fulfilled you are, can you truly create goals that reflect your heart – where your creative passions, family, your happiness, and self-care are all aligned.

Brennon of Just Brennon, LLC travels across the country with her family, creating reviews for US Family Guide and Roadside America, so you can bet a solid routine and positive habits help her stay inspired. She writes about how the Inspired Year Planner helps her begin each day with a clear vision of her desired goal and take inspired action to make things happen.