Wrapping up 2017 goals to start the new year with positivity

As the year winds down, we often miss out on the opportunity to give ourselves grace as we move into the “countdown” season – at some point between now and year-end, you will likely feel increased pressure to accomplish the goals you set at the beginning of the year.

Your beginning of year goals likely fall into 3 buckets:

1) Some goals, you’ve crushed! If you have the Inspired Year Planner, you’ve been using the Beginning of the year, Spring goals (April) & Summer goals (July) sections to re-establish new goals based on what you’ve achieved.

2) Other goals, you’ve entirely forgotten about. Going back to look at your beginning of year or Spring goals may feel uncomfortable, because you may be afraid that you will become *more* overwhelmed at seeing the list of items that may fall into bucket 2 or 3.

But here’s where I want to provide a gentle reminder. Good news: the goals you’ve forgotten about – they didn’t matter enough! While you may at some point want to evaluate why they no longer matter to you, let this be a lesson in how you are an ever-growing person, and you were strong enough to live in the moment and do what you cared about, instead of being held to a goal you didn’t care about.

3) Some goals, you’ve struggled with. No doubt some of those goals are top of mind, but they are creating a sense of guilt because you aren’t where you want to be with them.

These are the goals I want to talk to you most about.

Summer tends to be the season where we are most busy with family, friends, and quality moments.

If your life seems full right now of “other things than your goals,” give yourself a break! There’s probably a reason!

Summer is a season of special times. More vacations are happening. Family reunions are scheduled. Kids are out of school. Moves, job transitions, home purchases — they all are most common in the summer.

You feeling guilty about something you aren’t doing is the WORST way to spend all that quality time.

How to do an end-of-year check-in to wrap up your goals to move into 2018 with positivity:

Look back at the goals you’ve set for yourself, and for each one, decide:

1) For goals you’ve completed:

You’ll also get a chance to see what you’ve actually completed – it is probably more than what you think, because most of us tend to be better at seeing what we didn’t do than what we did. If you used the Inspired Year Planner, you may notice that you gave yourself some self-care goals and that a lot of them are very easy to complete in the summer.

2. For goals that are no longer relevant:

You will feel a huge sense of accomplishment by taking some of these that were on your “mental list” and allowing yourself to sidetable them.

3. For goals that are still important

If you are struggling with these goals, here’s where you can do yourself the most good RIGHT NOW. Every single goal that you are working on now, but feeling overwhelmed by, I want you to do one of two things:

  • Consider how you can lengthen the time you can contribute to this, by pushing out the deadline in some way
  • Consider how you can take two other things off your plate over the next month, that are unrelated to this goal. Perhaps you committed to an event that you’re not very excited about, or your spouse or a caretaker can take the kids for a day to give you more time.

Ahh! How does that feel?

In the amazing story which is the book of your life, is taking a little more time to complete the goal going to ruin the happy ending?

Likely not.

But not being able to be present for all the joy in your FULL life right now, may leave you feeling more regret in the long run.

It’s easy at this busy season of change, to get thrown off track from your goals. A few additional suggestions to keep your momentum going so you can jump into 2018 with positivity:

  • Fit in regular inspiration outlets
  • Invest in reaching out to your networks
  • Allow your mind to rest

Here’s to a fall and holiday season filled with long visits with friends, rest and relaxation, and just the right amount of goal-work to leave you feeling balanced and in charge.