8 ways to keep housework from running your weekend

When your weekdays are busy, it’s very easy to get stuck feeling like the weekend needs to be all about catching up with housework. And while some projects may be best to save for the weekends, there are many ways to make sure the day-to-day household requirements don’t keep you from enjoying much-needed relaxation on the weekend.

Tips for keeping your weekend free for fun:

1. Clean a little bit each day

  • Rather than save all the bathroom, all the toilets, all the floors, to do at once, there is a remarkable little amount of effort needed to “keep up” a level of clean by simply cleaning as you go on a day-to-day basis.  You can do this by cleaning a little bit as you go about your day wherever you are.
  • Try this:
    • Clean the stovetop or kitchen sink or empty the dishwasher while waiting for the microwave
    • Keep toilet brushes and toilet cleaner near each toilet, and just clean the toilet really quickly before leaving the bathroom every once in a while
    • Keep a toothbrush or scrubber in the shower and clean while you are in the shower

    You will be amazed how much less there is to do when the little things stay clean regularly.



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2. Create a routine for laundry

  • Laundry is one of those things that piles up and can feel like a constant chore in many households. But it doesn’t have to.
  • Creating a designated routine for when you will do laundry, and sticking to it and completing it each time, can help you place boundaries and set aside the need to do the chore at other times of your day.
  • Try this:
    • Determine whether you need to laundry once a week or more. Choose the day & time you will run the laundry through the wash. Then, most importantly, choose when you will fold it. Commit to having it folded by a certain day/time each week. I run my laundry through the wash on Sunday (anytime during the day) and then ALWAYS fold it Sunday evening. It helps me know that it will always get done then, so I don’t worry about it for the rest of the week. I am very committed to the Sunday evening deadline, so it doesn’t sit and wait for me into the week.

You won’t feel like you have to take care of the laundry outside of the designated time, so you can relax about it

3. Order groceries online

  • Most cities have a grocery store that delivers groceries through an online ordering system.  Being able to simply order up what you need and have groceries delivered is such a major time saver. Most grocery delivery services are free, have free coupons, or are very low priced. I use Safeway/Vons because that is what is in my town.
  • The first time ordering can be the most time-consuming, so know that it won’t always take as long as your first time in the system. Once you’ve ordered once, you have your entire order history to use for future orders, so new orders can be as simply as going through your old orders and re-checking the items you need at that time.
  • Many people prefer to pick out their vegetables or fruits by hand. Personally, I’ll take the tradeoff of having my time over the individual picking of fresh items. But, if you really are set on that, then you can easily make a quick trip to pick out fruits and vegetables – perhaps even from a farmer’s market or specialty store – and use the delivery for all the other items. It still saves an immense amount of time.
  • I’ll never forget how easy it was to order my groceries while getting my hair done at the salon. So incredible to multitask and not have groceries take up my day.


4. Use an online subscription services for household items

  • Rather than using your weekend afternoon to make a trip to get household supplies such as cleaners and toiletries, set up a subscription service with Amazon or Target to have these items sent to you.
  • Try this:
    • If you’re just getting set up, don’t try and figure out everything you could order at once. Instead, every time you run out of something in your house, start adding the your order online. With Amazon, you can choose how frequently to have the item shipped, (2-6 months), skip an order if you don’t need it, and get a discount on all subscription items ordered in the same month up to 15% off. Target also provides an online subscription program with free shipping.

    One less trip on the weekends to pick up supplies opens up your time. Once you get a good idea of your shipping frequency, it’s real peace of mind to have the majority of your household supplies on “automatic.”


5. Accept some unorderliness

  • It’s so easy to want the house to be in a decent state at all times – and especially on the weekends when we are more apt to be home to enjoy it. But, sometimes just letting a certain area of the house be is the best way to enjoy your time.
  • Try this:
    • Give yourself a time limit for picking up the house, a time to be done by, or choose an area of the house you are willing to let go for the weekend.


6. Share the workload

  • Housework can get done a lot faster as a team! Assigning the kids chores and having everyone do their work at once is a great way to get the work done and move on to other things, and enjoy the work more as well.


7. Prioritize fun

  • Sometimes the best way not to let house work take over your weekend is simply to prioritize something else. If you first think of what you want to do with your weekend, then work the housework around that priority, you may find you can fit in more than you thought.
  • Try this:
    • Consider what you really want to do with your weekend, and then how you could get some housework done, if needed, before or after your fun.
    • Make sure to plan your excursion, fun, or timeline prior to Saturday morning so that you don’t get distracted once the day starts and miss out on making the most of your time.


8. Plan easy meals for the weekend

  • It’s amazing how much work can be involved with cooking every night… and outside of going out to eat, there are many ways to make cooking less involved on the weekends to lessen the chores involved with the task. Or, make the cooking so much fun that it no longer feels like a chore.
  • Try this:
    • Use a dinner prep service like BlueApron or Plated to make cooking fun and lessen the work involved
    • Barbeque
    • Share dinner making with friends or family
    • Use paper plates & utensils so you don’t have as much to clean up


Your weekends are your time for downtime, relaxation, and fun! Don’t let your house work determine how you spend that downtime!

How do you make sure you don’t fill your weekend with house work? What do you really want to be doing with your weekends?