The biggest discoveries come from listening to your heart

Two years ago, I was a typical busy and overwhelmed working mom:

Completely overserving others and underserving myself, doing at least 10 hours of volunteer work each week without finding much time for my own priorities.

Working 40 hours per week on my business, without creating strategies to get more accomplished in less time or allowing more flexibility for quality time with my kids.

If someone asked me what my hobbies were, or what I wanted as a gift, I had NO CLUE because it had been SO LONG since I’d thought about what I really enjoyed for ME.

Thankfully, one day – perhaps most thanks to my husband who pointed this out to me – I realized I needed to start truly enjoying how I lived each day rather than looking forward to the next vacation when I could truly relax and “be myself.”

It took a shift in mindset, giving myself permission to “not keep it all up,” and a complete dedication to truly finding happiness each day – but it was all worthwhile.

I am now truly the happiest and most fulfilled than I’ve possibly ever been.

In the past two years, I went from busy, overworked mom to:

  • Taking two 5-week family sabbaticals in Costa Rica – yes with all 3 kids when they were just 3-8 years old!
  • Going on an amazing international entrepreneurs retreat that changed my life
  • Discovering painting
  • Starting a running regimen that includes regular runs of 5+ miles
  • A daily morning practice with yoga, journaling & reading
  • A complete makeover of my business to align more with my heart and sense of purpose
  • Being able to see the wonder and joy in the present moment, and allowing more space and downtime to truly create, reflect and appreciate the little things that we so often overlook when we are constantly bouncing from one thing to the next

Like any change, it didn’t come without it’s share of commitment and dedication.


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Many of us women get caught up in the illusion that we have to have TONS of time or a MASSIVE PLAN to invite the work+life balance in that we want.

Instead, I know from personal experience, that shifting towards living a more purposeful, fulfilled life can start with just small changes that you can begin today.

The most important thing we can do to help us create more balance is to begin reflecting upon what work life balance really means for us.

  • What do we want more of in our lives?
  • What are we doing now that isn’t serving us?
  • How can we say no to the wrong things to make more room for the right things?
  • What truly inspires us? And how can we invite more of that into our lives?
  • What makes us feel truly, fully and vibrantly alive?

Self-reflection is so important to allowing you to discover what you are passionate about, and discover how you can do more that gives you a sense of purpose. And the best way to dedicate time to self-reflection is through a daily writing practice.

That’s why I’ve put together a 30-day challenge for you

You’ll get a free 30 day planner and inspiration that will help you tap into what you really want out of life and how to get it. I invite you to take this opportunity to join in, and you’ll be invited to our private group of supportive, like-minded women so you’re not alone in creating and growing towards the work+life balance that reflects what you really want this year.

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