2018 Inspired Year Planner Blog Tour: England, Australia, Canada & more


The 2018 Inspired Year Planner is now available! To celebrate, creatives across the globe are sharing how they’ve been using their Inspired Year Planners.

The Inspired Year Planner visits the midwest, Canada, England and Australia!

This week on the blog tour: Women who are balancing careers with motherhood — while keeping up a side business.

Meet Fi Morrison of mummamorrison.comShe has a new baby at home and is in the middle of the sleep-deprivation and slight overwhelm that comes with first-time motherhood.

“I’ve had some pretty great planners in the past, but when I found The Inspired Year Planner, I knew it was the one – we were a match!”

Along with being a new parent, Fi is juggling a teaching job, runs a successful blog and cares deeply about time for her family.

“I love that the planner has a section each quarter to assess your work-life balance. It has given me real perspective on my priorities and my areas for improvement.”

Fi says, of her work+life balance chart (photo above from her blog), “The best thing is to create 3 short-term goals linked to your answers in the work-life balance [chart], so you have actionable goals to change the things you’re unhappy with. I’m looking forward to seeing how my balance of work and life changes in 3 months’ time.”

Crystal, blogger at the Busy Mom Diary, lives in Canada with her family including two children, ages 12 and 15. She too knows how hard it is to keep on top of everything.

“Being a full-time working mom and blogger while juggling two teenagers with loads of extra-curriculur activities is CRAZY, sometimes I need help to stay organized.”

Crystal loves how the Inspired Year Planner is goal-oriented and provides inspiration alongside her day-to-day.

“I needed a planner to help keep this household together.
I just hadn’t found what I was looking for yet. The perfect planner had to exist, right??

Hello, Inspired Year Planner. This planner is perfect.”

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Fi, Crystal, Claire and Lexie aren’t the only one using their Inspired Year Planner to make room for their goals & dreamsget organized and find balance.

In the past week, orders have come in from across the U.S., Israel, New Zealand, and the U.K.!