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Wrapping up 2017 goals to start the new year with positivity

As the year winds down, we often miss out on the opportunity to give ourselves…

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How to Set & Achieve Big Goals

9 Goal-setting tips + goal worksheets: How to set and achieve big goals

Create time in your schedule to focus on your goals Go to a coffee shop…

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2018 Inspired Year Planner Blog Tour: England, Australia, Canada & more

  The 2018 Inspired Year Planner is now available! To celebrate, creatives across the globe are…

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Shining your light

This last weekend was filled with lots of deep conversations – about what we want…

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Achieve your big dreams with small, consistent little steps

Here’s the thing about big dreams and big plans. We start with this exciting, creative…

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What to do when you’re overwhelmed and have too much to do

Ever felt like this? You go to bed at night, full of lists in your…

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How to stay

Productivity Hacks & Tips

When it comes down to it, your ability to be productive and get work done…

Recommended WordPress Plugins

Prevent Comment Spam Use plugin: “Akismet” –        Make sure to set up an account to…

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entrepreneur dilemma

The entrepreneur’s dilemma: first learn or create?

Yesterday, out of the blue, my kids decided they wanted to do a science experiment…

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Living the Dream

The following is a guest post from Shannon Davis of The Empire Strategist You started…