Achieve your big dreams with small, consistent little steps

Here’s the thing about big dreams and big plans. We start with this exciting, creative burst- the idea is new, the process is fun, and we feel the surge of energy that comes at the beginning of any new adventure.

But, as we all know, anything worth having does not come easy. And at some point, during your journey, the work involved may start to feel heavy, even burdensome.

It is at this point that your commitment is truly being tested. It is at this point you must revisit your dream, regularly, to remind yourself of where you were, and where you are going. You may need to ask yourself: Why did I start on this journey? What was “missing” in my life that I know I need to make me happier? What will my life feel like when I’ve accomplished my goals? And, what would happen if I gave up and went back to how things were? (spend some time journaling this one day this week, if possible).

Now, with your eye on the prize, give yourself the space and balance you need – building your dream business is a marathon, not a sprint. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t create concentrated periods of work– as long as you also reserve space for concentrated periods to rest. In fact, sometimes the best way to see and recognize progress is to do just that – schedule a long day’s work to focus on a major project. When I was stuck not redesigning my website for a couple of years – something I knew I needed to do – I finally decided I would redesign it all in one day. I let my family know that I was going to be unavailable one day, from morning until night, and I worked from 7am until midnight – a major sprint! Sprints like this aren’t for everyone, but if you know this is a way that you can successfully operate, sometimes it’s a good way to feel accomplished on something. But, always make sure to schedule an equal amount of time to rest within a week if you choose push yourself like this.

If you are feeling a little stuck, always remember to just identify one small thing you can do next, to move forward. Celebrate that accomplishment and remind yourself that it’s better to get something small done, and move forward, than to let the weight of the work ahead overwhelm and stall you too much. The longer you let tasks wait, the bigger they seem to grow.

And the more you can make small progress daily, the more you establish this new business as fixed part of your life that you can regularly prioritize. If the task seems too big, how can you further break it down into smaller steps, or approach it differently?