Recommended WordPress Plugins

Prevent Comment Spam

Use plugin: “Akismet”

–        Make sure to set up an account to turn it on after installing it


Use plugin: “WordPress SEO” (author “Team Yoast”)


Add Google Analytics to your website – first set up an account with Google Analytics, then install and put the Google Analytics ID into this plugin:

Use plugin: “Google Analytics Dashboard for WP”


Social Media & Community Engagement

If you can get it to work, Jetpack’s Publicize is great (use plugin: “Jetpack by”) – I find it doesn’t always work though. So, if that’s the case, here are two alternatives:

Automatic sharing to Google Plus

Use plugin: “Google Plus Auto Poster”

Automatic sharing to Facebook

Use plugin: “Facebook Page Publish 2”

Tweetable link within text:

Use plugin: “Click to Tweet”

Share buttons

Share buttons (per page or post) and related content

Use plugin: “Shareaholic | share buttons, analytics, related content”


Use plugin: “PopupAlly”

Facebook Image Control

Get control over which blog image is shown on FB when shared on FB (only if having trouble with this):

Use plugin: “Easy Facebook Share Thumbnail”


What are your favorites

I invite you to share your favorites in the comments!


*Note that some plugins are incompatible with other plugins, and certain themes, so if you have trouble with one of the above plugins, it may not work with your setup. Many plugins are available for most functions, these are just my favorites.