Taking your freelance business to a new level of success

In my many years as a freelancer, I’ve seen several friends and colleagues take the plunge into self-employment, working for themselves in design, accounting, web consulting, programming or copywriting. Some find their way instantly. Others take more time to ramp up.

But almost all of them struggle to reach the level of success that affords them the security of income and work/life balance they really hoped for.

I am constantly amazed when a highly talented individual decides to quit freelancing and go back to a corporate job because they weren’t making enough money or a steady enough income.

Take my friend, Jesse.

He’s an amazing designer and left his job many years ago to freelance for himself. I’ve worked with him on many projects and always respected his creativity and his expertise in putting together quality branding for clients.

Off and on during the time he was freelancing, he’d tell me that he didn’t always have projects coming in and money was tight. He wasn’t even near making six-figures, he told me, which was suprising since with an hourly rate above $80/hour, there’s no reason one shouldn’t be making at least $100k if they are working full time.

A few years ago, he and his wife had their first child. There’s no better time to benefit from the flexibility freelancing offers than when you have a family. But last year, Jesse felt the need for more job stability, and decided to go back to being an employee and working for a large corporation.

Needless to say, he’s miserable.

He tells me he’d love to go back to freelancing but he doesn’t feel like he can count on a steady income.

I get it. I know many of us have bills to pay and mouths to feed – and a steady income, and a good income, come first when it comes to making ends meet.

So why not make freelancing be your stable income?

Why not make your freelancing career be so successful and so profitable, you’d never dream of going back to be an employee just for the money?

It is possible to make six figures (and more) as a freelancer and still be able to take time for yourself and your family. 

The problem is, many creative freelancers are extremely talented at their craft, but not always as confident or experienced with the business side of entrepreneurship. Regardless of how talented or skilled you are, the way you run your business and work with people will make you stand out and rise far above your competition.

And in my experience, it’s the freelancers who run their business well who make the most money.

The good news is that running your business well and making it highly profitable is possible for anyone. It requires taking a step back and changing the way you look at projects, clients, and opportunities.


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